Wedding: Der Kiez ist anders

A cultural-historical stroll through Wedding & Gesundbrunnen

The historic neighbourhood of Wedding has always been a place apart, as the saying goes. From a health resort and spa town on the edge of the city it grew with Berlin’s industrialisation to become “Red Wedding”, a working class neighbourhood of tenement blocks, infamous for its militant left-wing politics and one of the few districts of the city never to vote for the Nazis.

After the war Wedding found itself in West Berlin – hemmed in on two sides by the Berlin Wall, and home to a diverse mix of people who came to the city from around the world. “Red Wedding” became “Buntes (colourful) Wedding”. The industry that had brought the workers to Wedding collapsed, and the effect of 50-odd years of economic stagnation can be seen on the streets to this day.

Since the start of the 21st Century, Wedding has picked itself off the floor, and has become home to numerous artistic, cultural and creative projects, making use of the old industrial buildings and reflecting the diverse nature of the local community.

Der Kiez ist anders is a tour through the heart of Wedding and Gesundbrunnen, carefully researched to bring you the story of a neighbourhood through its history, architecture and empty spaces.

Including tales of anti-Nazi streetfighters immortalised in novels and life in the shadow of the Berlin Wall, green spaces and tenement blocks, old print works and bathhouses that host th area’s grass-roots cultural revival, micro-brewers and traditional corner Kneipen, the birth of Berlin’s biggest football team, and flak towers that have become climbing walls…

…the old saying – that Wedding is different - is as true now as it ever was.

Der Kiez ist Anders has been featured on Mädels with a Microphone

About The Tour Leader

Paul Scraton is the author of The Idea of a River – a creative non-fiction essay exploring the length of the Panke river in north Berlin, including a stretch through Wedding and Gesundbrunnen – and Mauerweg: Stories from the Berlin Wall Trail for Slow Travel Berlin. Both books inform this walk, along with many other stories, that developed over five years living in the district. Paul is also the editor in chief of Elsewhere: A Journal of Place, and his personal website can be found at Under a Grey Sky.  


€20 per person for two hours. Private tours and groups can be arranged in advance.

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Reviews of “Der Kiez ist Anders” From Gidsy:

5 stars | philipp

Really great tour through Wedding with lots of interesting stuff to learn. Would definitely book again!

5 stars | lara bianciardi

Great tour, I strongly recommend it!

5 stars | NotMs P.

A great and very informative tour – despite living in Berlin for exactly 10 years, I never really visited Wedding before. It´s amazing what an interesting place it is. And Paul does a great job of explaining just why it is so. Thanks!

4 stars | Ingebjørg F.

Very friendly and competent guide, interesting walk through a part of Berlin that you probably wouldn’t get to know otherwise. Very nice little anecdotes and odd facts. The trip does not include any rest- or refreshment stops, though… be prepared.


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  1. YS says:

    Thanks to Paul for this fabulous tour of one of the most quickly changing districts in Berlin! Learning about Wedding’s unusual history and its evolving contemporary cultural life are some of the highlights of the walk. Highly recommended!

  2. Lilly says:

    By far the most interesting city tour I have ever come across. Paul was a great guide, who had clearly done his research (and then some) on Wedding. Although the tour turned out to be on the coldest day of the year so far (it was -13°C), he managed to keep us all entertained for three hours and finished with a great view of the district.
    I highly recommend the tour and will certainly be doing some of the other tours of Berlin in the not so distant future!

  3. Robert Prideaux says:

    Best thing I’ve done since moving to Wedding. I Really enjoyed finding out about the history of my new local area, and how its history fits with the history of Berlin as a whole. Paul has an extensive knowledge of Wedding and Gesundbrunnen, he kept us all entertained despite the arctic conditions (it was -13 degrees on our walk) and is also a very nice chap.

  4. Isabelle says:

    I’d certainly recommend the tour to anyone interested in Wedding’s history, past and present. Paul happily answered any questions we had and the 2 hours went very quickly – they even stretched to 2.5 hours without anyone noticing!

  5. Rob Carter says:

    I took this tour with Paul last Sunday, there were nine of us altogether, a nice snall group. Paul was very knowledgeable and had an obvious love of the district we were touring not just spouting facts and figures as some tours tend to do.
    This was the first time l have taken part in a tour like this and l will most certainly be back to do many more, l enjoy Berlin and these tours increase your knowledge of the city. Definateley recommend this tour, thanks Paul

  6. Richard says:

    I took part in the tour just a few weeks after I moved to Wedding – and it was the best introduction possible. Highly recommended and eye-opening; thanks a lot, Paul.

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