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In the last couple of decades, the digital revolution has enabled photography to transition from an obscure art form to a mode of visual expression so ubiquitous we don’t even need cameras to snap images any more – our smartphones will do.

While this is good in many ways, it also means a lot of technical and aesthetic basics are lost, and a lot of bad photography is disguised with retro filters.

This 3-hour tour — run by industry professionals schooled in everything from fashion, music and weddings to reportage, travel and corporate photography – will help you better understand the technical aspects of your camera as well as learn compositional tips that will improve your photography immediately.

Tour Outline

The relationship between shutter, aperture and ISO – and how they work together to create an exposure

How to master depth of field and capture motion blur/movement

How to use leading lines, rule of thirds and other crucial composition tools

The importance of light and how to use it to improve images

How to set up your camera so that you control it (and not the other way around)

How to translate what you are seeing into a strong photographic image


The workshop takes place in a comfortable and modern studio space in central Berlin (Mitte). Specific details are supplied after booking.

Technical Requirements

SLR camera (digital or analogue) or advanced compact (with option to adjust aperture, shutter and ISO).

About The Workshop Leader

Paul Sullivan is a writer, photographer and the founder of He has been freelancing for over a decade and his images have appeared in various guidebooks and publications such as National Geographic, The Guardian, Taggespiegel, Rough Guides, Focus, Electronic Beats and more. He co-authored the Matador U Travel Photography course (online), and was Lead Faculty between 2009-2012. You can view some of his images on his website or hit him up on Facebook.


€40 per person for three hours. Private workshops can be arranged in advance.

Group Size


Reviews of Improve Your Photography From Gidsy:

5 stars | Iris T.

great 3 hours!! the first part was packed with theory. but not the boring type. just useful things you need to know about your camera and light etc. then we headed out on a stroll to practice. paul also gave us lots of tips and made us aware of things. combined with a great group and some sunshine this was the perfect thing to do on a sunday afternoon.5 stars | NotMs P. Great lesson: excellent teacher, just the right amount of theory mixed with a generous portion of practice. Done without hassle, with enough time and opportunity to ask even the most silly (read: lay) questions. Enjoyed it immensely!

5 stars | Inka

Paul explains the basics very clear and understandable. Nothing there was new for me though, but anyhow the workshop was very interesting for me because of Pauls helpful comments on our pictures while practicing outside and especially about working with the light. I will recommend that workshop.

5 stars | Cristian M.

I learned a lot of technical facts about photography, learned some tricks on how to take great photos and had a lot of fun. I totally recommend this to anyone who has a decent camera and doesn’t know how to use it properly.

5 stars | François


5 stars | Dan

Have nothing but good things to say. Paul is very knowledgable in photography and went out of his way to answer my questions and provide a unique and personal experience. Will definately sign up for another tour next time I’m in Berlin.

5 stars | Kimberley T.

Katrina is super knowledgeable, warm and willing to answer any questions specific to your camera or level of photographic knowledge. By the end of the tour I had picked up plenty of tips, had taken some good shots, and had that warm and fuzzy feeling of inspiration! Exactly what I was looking for

5 stars | Allison P.

Katrina James is an experienced and intuitive guide., a terrific combination as a teacher. Although we covered only a small city block, she took us above and below ground, showing us how to translate the bustling street life into provocative “felt” experience, through patient waiting and a sensitive awareness to patterns, line, and light. And she was so open to my questions, I often had the feeling that the tour was designed just for me.

5 stars | Katharina

If you’ve just started taking fotos I really can recommend the “Improve your Photography” tour with Paul. He is doing pretty well in the art of photography. Moreover Paul is very patient and therefore a good teacher.


Contact us at tours | at | or on + 49 171 122 5973. You can also use the form below to book online.

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  1. Finian Matthews says:

    Thanks for the excellent workshop last Saturday. I think I learnt more in the 3 hours than I would have from reading 10 books on photography. Paul’s sharing of his expert knowledge, insights and experience of photography is very much appreciated.

  2. Sile Nic Chonaonaigh says:

    What a great class. Paul is knowledgeable, friendly and really approachable, no matter how silly you feel the question is. It was great to sit with a group of people who all wanted to learn a bit more or (in my case) more or less start from scratch. We did part inside, discussing technical stuff, and then got to go put it into practice. A really practical workshop which was also great fun. Highly recommended.

  3. Sofia Alves says:

    I highly recommend this tour. Incredibly practical and easy to follow for complete beginners and well as for people who already play a little with their cameras but lack technical expertise. Our tour was a little atypical because with -15ºC we ended up doing 2h30 in a café and 30 min outside but even that turned out to be great as we dwelled more into technique and analyzed Paul’s own (and amazing) work. I’m definitely come back for upcoming ones!

  4. Magda says:

    Great class for anyone interested in photography. Paul gives personalized advices to all participants and can help you understanding the mystery of 1000 buttons on your new camera. The set up of a class is very convivial (you might make new friends if you’re new to Berlin!) and it nicely balances the theory with some practice. Fun and insightful class, which I would highly recommend.

  5. Andrew says:

    This workshop was a fantastic and insightful starting point to help you further develop your skills in the art of Photography. Paul gave a great understanding of the basic rules in Photography which will ensure you take better shots especially after understanding how to fully use your camera and get the most out of it. Best of all, iit was a perfect balance between theory over a coffee and heading outside to try out your new knowledge with some practical lessons. All in all, a great workshop to get involved in and you even meet some great people to who share your passion for photography.

  6. Rhiannon Roberts says:

    Very friendly class that definitely helped me get past the initial fear of all the buttons and options on my new dslr, having just stepped up from a point and click. You can find the theory online and in books but it’s so much easier to have it explained well to you by Paul who was also very happy to answer any questions. Thank you!

  7. Sébastien says:

    Really enjoyed the lesson and tour. Learned a lot and feel much more confident using my camera – Paul was very friendly, and the group size was small so ideal. Greatly recommended!

  8. Jim says:

    A great way to spend a saturday. Paul’s presentation of the material was excellent, first explaining the ideas, then showing us professional photographs as examples of techniques discussed, and finally walking us through doing it ourselves.

    Beyond the basics Paul shares his bits of knowledge throughout the day regarding everything from waiting for the right shot to waiting for the right light. The composition tips, especially in relation to looking at his shots and some of the shots of other photographers was helpful in making you think about how you approach taking photos.

    A great time!

  9. Adam says:

    Paul took me on a one on one photo tour around Berlin. On top of being a nice guy he’s really well informed and explained a lot to me in a clear way, which is coming in very handy.,

    The session started in cafe/bar where he explained some of the technical aspects of photography, which this knowledge we then went exploring and found a small ‘squatter communnity’ where we snapped some pics. His passion for photography is somewhat contagious and explanations really did help me see how I take my photo’s in a different way.

    I don’t often write reviews but I’d recommend this.

  10. Ali says:

    This was the perfect mixture of theory over coffee, and playing around with our kit under the railway tracks. Paul has a great way of removing the fear of taking your camera of the automatic settings, and having a lot more fun. His own photos, incidentally, are worth a look for some inspiration in how to make your average city shot look like something out of a guidebook.
    An excellent, enjoyable and educational way to spend a morning.

  11. Charlie says:

    Thanks for having me along Paul,

    You manage to communicate what can be a pretty confusing topic really clearly and the workshop is a great introduction for people who have just got their first dslr or have been using one on auto since they bought it 😉

    The practical time afterwards was an enjoyable way to put into practice the concepts that we had just learned about… big thumbs up from me.

  12. Isadora Torri says:

    Great tour! Paul is really friendly and explains everything in a way that is easy to understand, making you want to put in practice all that you learned right away. He has focused not only on the technical part but he also gave us some tips about positioning, composition and other aspects of a good photo. Totally recommended!

  13. Fiona says:

    I’ve been reading Slow Travel Berlin for a couple of years now and finally moved to Berlin a couple of weeks ago – it was great to finally attend one of the workshops. The morning which was really helpful from a technical point of view and really lovely from a meet some nice people point of view. Thanks again!

  14. Cath says:

    3 hours well spent, despite a rainy day. This is the perfect workshop for anyone who wants to take control of their SLR camera. Paul’s a patient teacher and no question is treated as stupid. A super enjoyable way to spend a Saturday morning.

  15. Mark says:

    Paul is a fun and knowledgeable teacher, and his passion for photography is instantly contagious. Nice intro to technical and artistic concepts. Highly recommended for anyone getting to know his SLR camera and a great way to spend a saturday morning.

  16. Stijn C says:

    This is honestly the best 25 euro that was ever spent on my interest in photography. I always had the wish to better understand my camera but could never get myself to spend a lot of money and/or time on figuring it all out. Thanks to Paul I now feel comfortable shooting on semi-automatic, prioritizing either the shutter speed or the aperture, and have a real desire to go out and shoot more, whilst experimenting with different settings and compositions.

  17. Kristin says:

    an excellent workshop!

  18. Katrin says:

    25 euros well spent! I participated in the workshop in October, it was a rainy day, so we spent 2 hours in a cafe doing theory, Paul helped everybody with their cameras if you couldn’t find the right button on yours. He also had a presentation on his laptop that helped to visualize the theory. Afterwards we practised what we had just learned outside with our cameras (fortunately on Schönhauser Allee there is cover from the rain underneath the U-Bahn tracks). Paul answered all questions we had patiently. And since I took the course I have been able to take some amazing shots with my camera that I’m very happy with – now that I’m able to use more than the “auto” setting-button on my camera. Thanks very much!

  19. Dee W says:

    The course did exactly what it said on the tin – I went from being a complete novice in the morning, to coming home in the afternoon and taking photos which my family agreed had improved 100%! Paul was great teacher, everything was just at the right pace, a very enjoyable short course overall! Look forward to the next one.

  20. Maria says:

    Great overall intro course! I had little experience and after the course I finally understood the ISO-shutter speed-aperture relationship. Great composition/when-and-where-to-shoot tips as well. Plus, Paul is a fun teacher – laughs and a relaxed atmosphere made the course more productive. 100% recommended.

  21. Kaylee says:

    A lovely way to spend a Saturday morning. Paul’s class makes the connection between the technical and artistic aspects of photography very accessible. Totally recommend this class for total beginners or those who just want to learn more skills and tips. Thanks, Paul!

  22. It really helped me to understand my camera and the way shutter, aperture and ISO work together. I also liked the studying of photos and their settings to get an idea how they were taken. The explanations of structure and color within a photo totally changed the way I look at whats around me. Paul is super patient with absolut beginners, but also helped me a lot with specific questions I had about my camera, such as white balance. Highly recommended if you want to get full control over the photos you take!

  23. Chika says:

    Paul’s workshop was fun and very helpful. A couple of months ago I got a mirror reflex camera, but I had no idea where to begin with it. So I joined this workshop to learn the basics of photography.

    It was a nice small group and Paul explained us what beginners should know in a friendly, relaxing way.

    On the way back home I took a whole bunch of pictures and at home I was positively surprised that the pictures were already better than those before the workshop. (At least I thought so.)

    Thanks, Paul!

  24. Ingrid says:

    Je ne regrette absolument pas d’avoir participé à cet atelier. On y aborde les bases de la photographie et tout ce dont on a besoin pour prendre la main sur son appareil photo, tout cela dans une ambiance détendue et un cadre très chouette. Paul est là pour répondre à toutes vos questions et après une introduction théorique, on peut mettre en pratique tout ce qu’on a appris.
    Je recommande vraiment cet atelier pour tout ceux qui veulent améliorer leur pratique de la photo en maîtrisant la technique.
    I would really recommend this workshop. We worked on the basics and all you need to fully use our camera in a very charming room and friendly atmosphere. Paul is really helpful and patient. Thanks Paul !

  25. Jeroen says:

    I did the workshop before my holiday, so I could use the tips and tricks I learned. The workshop was really fun, relaxed and he takes time to help everybody and answer questions about their camera. Highly recommended!

  26. Silvia says:

    I really had no clue about shutter, ISO and aperture. After the workshop, I was able to control my SLR camera and really understood the way it worked. Paul explained the basics, so that it was easy to understand even for totally beginners and also showed great examples. A great teacher and photographer! Thank you very much!

  27. Vlada says:

    I would really recommend this course to those ones, who want to get a step into a creative photography world. Paul is a lovely person with a big experience and amazing pictures in his portfolio. I felt he was really willing to share his knowledge with us and the things I learnt inspired and motivated me.
    Thank you very much, Paul!

  28. Siobhán says:

    Paul’s workshop is a must for a beginner photographer or someone like me who wants to get the most out of using an analogue camera without wasting film. The hands-on learning from an inspiring professional definitely beats time spend viewing online videos and reading confusing manuals. The atmosphere was very relaxed, informative and fun…I now have the tools and confidence to get creative with my camera and I can’t wait to develop my next photos. Thanks Paul!

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