Alexander Tzschentke

Alexander Tzschentke is an active performer, band leader, and composer. As an improvising artist, he has traveled throughout Germany, the Netherlands, and Romania performing his compositions with his own group Paleka and the Composers` Orchestra Berlin conducted by Hazel Leach. Both bands recently released new records with Alexander`s audacious ( music- “Grenzweg” by Paleka and “Free Range Music” by the Composers` Orchestra Berlin. Alexander has worked in a variety of musical fields over the years. His compositions display a wonderfully broad and inspiring diversity ranging from film music to children songs and jazz tunes to orchestral pieces. Alexander earned the Master of Music degree in composition and guitar from the Artez Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem (Netherlands) where he had lessons with Hazel Leach, Frank Möbus, Mike Moreno, and Frank Sichmann.

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