Manan Ahmed

Manan Ahmed, who holds a ph.d. in the history of Islam in South Asia from the University of Chicago, blogs under the sobriquet sepoy. He has always had the tendency to poke authority in the eye and run like hell. While not the bravest of tactics, this has ensured his absence from Gitmo. He loves history, sometimes in a creepy way. His posts are often smug and superior in tone but you should forgive him. He is just an academic, after all. He has appeared on Chicago Public Radio, NPR, LA Times, Chicago Sun Times, Chicago news channels, and many on-line news and media publication – often acting as an ‘expert’ on Pakistan. None of the views expressed on this blog can be ascribed to his employer, his university, his landlord, the teenage mutant ninja turtles or leo strauss. You can purchase a paper-based version of his thoughts here: Where the Wild Frontiers Are.

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