Autumn in Berlin 2012 (Photo Gallery)

Eric Schaefer

Melike Selin Durmaz

Sandy Hathaway

Nadja S

Greta Holmberg

Natalie Holmes

Maren Winkler

Adam Groffman

Anna Sprang

Maéva Orsi

Marjolein van der Kolk

Zaren Courtenay

Tam Eastley

Uta Schwarz

Kristine Mueller

Laura Hemus

Ryan Hursh

Iris Thalhammer

Lucy Miller

Rebecca Maschke

Lora Todorova

Big thanks to all the readers that contributed. Feel free to plug yourselves / add your websites etc. in the comments.

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  1. Adam says:

    Thanks for including my bike in your post :)

  2. Carolina says:

    This is all beautiful. Can anybody please tell me where the 6th photo was taken? I mean, the Japanese looking garden… is it the one in Eisenacher Str?

  3. Paul Sullivan says:

    Hi Carolina – I believe that is part of the Botanical Gardens…

  4. I’m too late, but I did take some lovely autumn pics, while strolling from Köpenick to the western edge of Müggelsee in Friedrichshagen. The album is on Facebook:

  5. Paul Sullivan says:

    Some lovely shots there Peggy, thanks for posting.

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