Berlin’s Food & Drink U Bahn Maps

Laura Harker rounds up Berlin’s Food & Drink U Bahn maps…

The Berlin U Bahn map is something most of us are pretty intimate with. Unless you’re a car-owner – or an ardent cyclist or walker – you can probably recite the stations of most lines in order, as journeys up and down the same lines quickly become a daily routine.

However, since autumn last year a new wave of maps outlining the various food and drink-related treats close to each station has given us a reason to hop on and off more often; namely, to explore some of the city’s best bars, burger joints, restaurants and…um, well see the last map for an interesting spin on the ‘genre’…



The inaugural innovative map surfaced on Thrillist in October of last year. Slow Travel Berlin contributor Giulia Pines had painstakingly plotted out nearby bars, with just one stipulation; they had to be within 10 minutes walking distance from the station. The internet liked the bar map idea so much, more of these novelty maps soon followed.



Of course, it wasn’t long after until the city’s biggest food craze got involved. The gang at Burger City Guide Map saw a burger-shaped niche and swapped bars for some of the city’s best burger joints.

More Burgers


Burgers and Hip Hop swiftly swooped in and managed to fill some of the gaps that were left on the original burger map. A couple of days after the original, this updated version appeared with a comprehensive plan of where to grab a burger.

Vietnamese and Thai Food



Another food-centric map is this love heart adorned Karte dedicated to Vietnamese and Thai restaurants. Definitely a necessity for those on the hunt for Berlin’s best bowl of Pho.

Christmas Markets


Over December, An Amazing Earth Magazine made it easier for us to see where our nearest Glühwein would be coming from. They conveniently mapped out the festive period’s Christmas Markets.



The most recent addition is Thrillist’s map of restaurants. Giulia has once again ventured around the city to plot the best restaurants within each station’s vicinity. From high end-eateries to those for smaller budgets such as Azzam by Hermannplatz.



The Schlecky Silberstein blog created what they think is the last U Bahn map that you’ll ever need. Even though it’s fairly sparse, their map of Berlin dealers shows (in their opinion) all that you need to know to have a good time in the city.

Bonus: Craft Beer Map

Created by the people behind Berlin Craft Beer back in 2008, this is the first ever list of craft beer places in Berlin, spanning microbreweries, pubs with interesting beer selections and beer retail outlets worth visiting for their craft or international beers. It’s not a U-Bahn map but we’re including it anyway because craft beer.