Brian Melican

Born and bred in London, Brian Melican moved to Germany in 2008 after a degree in modern languages. Since then, he's lived in several parts of Germany and now calls Hamburg something like home - if he's ever there. Brian likes slow travel and even slower food, but very much enjoys fast trains. He works as a translator, journalist and writer.

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Fiona Laughton

Fiona was born in Melbourne, Australia. After an eight year sojourn in Sydney, which was mostly spent juggling overseas travel with jobs in the event and media industries, she is now proud to call Berlin home. Fiona works as a freelance editor/content writer/photographer specialising in arts, culture and slow travel. Website.

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Giulia Pines

Giulia is a freelance writer and editor. She first moved from New York to Berlin in 2008, planning to stay for only a few months. Five and a half years later, it isn’t too difficult to guess what happened. When she isn’t writing, editing, and struggling with the Teutonic tongue, she accumulates new friends, stories, and recipes, all to be mixed into a heady brew packaged, labeled, and savored as “the life of an expat.” She hopes everyone will taste it at least once.

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Ian Farrell

Born and bred in the barren wastes of northern England, Ian Farrell moved to Berlin in search of a better life in 2008. What he found exceeded all his expectations, and continues ot do so to this day. When taking a break from his never-ending quest to discover more undiscovered corners of the city, he can be found either translating things or waxing lyrical on language and social interaction on his blog, Of Words and Worlds. He also plays guitar and occasionally sings in local Blues/Indie/Funk/Folk/Rock band Ivan and the Visionaries.

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Jane Yager

Jane Yager is a freelance writer, editor and translator. She was born in California and has lived in Berlin since 2005. She has contributed to the Times Literary Supplement, the Paris Review Daily, the Global Post, Asymptote Journal and many travel publications. She loves Berlin madly in summer and complains about it incessantly in winter. The most difficult thing she has ever achieved is learning German from scratch in Berlin. She blogs at

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Joseph Pearson

Joseph Pearson is a cultural historian, with a doctorate from Cambridge University (UK), who writes on questions of cultural memory. He was a lecturer at Columbia University in New York City, at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver), and taught in Cambridge. His work has been published in journals such as European History Quarterly and AGNI. He now writes fiction, and for museums, exhibitions and the press. You can read his wonderful explorations and musings on Berlin over at The Needle

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Kevin Braddock

Kevin Braddock is editor of Manzine and Contributing Editor at British GQ. He lives in Berlin.

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Lara Merrington

Lara Merrington is a freelance photographer and curator from Australia. She has exhibited her work in solo and group shows in Australia, Argentina and Berlin. For the last year she has based herself in Berlin after spending one year researching on curating, art and photography in South America. Apart from filling life with all things art and photography, writing and a passion for culinary culture nestle their way into the spaces in-between. You can see some of her other work at Art Elsewhere

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Leslie Kuo

Leslie Kuo is an artist, designer and translator. Raised in California, she has worked in Berlin since 2006, exploring food, plant life, and visual culture. She co-founded Urban Plant Research, a collaborative project observing plants in cities around the world. She also blogs about visual culture at .

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Marcel Krueger

Marcel Krueger is a writer and blogger living in Berlin. His essays and stories have been published in the Daily Telegraph, Reykjavik Grapevine, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Spotted by Locals, amongst others. After six years in Ireland he currently tries to divide his time between Berlin, Cologne and Dublin. Together with Seamus Heaney, Roddy Doyle and a bunch of other great Irish writers Marcel also holds the world record for 'Most Authors Reading Consecutively From Their Own Books'.You can find more uninteresting information on his personal blog King of Pain. He doesn’t like spiders.

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Marian Ryan

Marian Ryan has worked as a book editor and is former fiction editor of Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Columbia, The Writer’s Chronicle, Quick Fiction, Slate and elsewhere. She lives in Prenzlauer Berg.

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Natalie Holmes

Natalie Holmes lives and works in Berlin. She loves learning German, birdwatching and travelling by train, in between working as a freelance travel consultant and aspiring writer. A keen environmentalist, Natalie writes about sustainability and responsible travel on her blog, The Horseshoe Nail.

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Natalye Childress

Natalye is a California native living in Kreuzberg. Not satisfied with a BA in Journalism, she went on to get an MA in English, and now works as a writer, editor, and tutor. In addition to words, she has a penchant for road bikes, indie music, improving her German, her cats, obsessively reading and eating vegan ice cream. She is the author of a forthcoming memoir (to be published in June 2014 with Microcosm Publishing, editor of music magazine Berlin Beat and maintains a personal blog, Deutsch, Bitte!

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Paul Scraton

Paul Scraton is the founder and editor of the Under a Grey Sky website, which is devoted to “adventures beyond the front door”. He has lived in Berlin for over ten years and amongst other activities writes for Slow Travel Berlin, runs the Wedding and Berlin Wall walks for STB, and organises the Eyewitness History Talks in cooperation with the ZeitZeugenBörse at the Circus Hotel. His latest project is Traces of a Border, exploring the stories and the places to be discovered along the Berlin Wall Trail.

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Paul Sullivan

Paul Sullivan is a Berlin-based writer & travel photographer and the founder/editor of Slow Travel Berlin. His words and images have appeared in The Guardian, BBC, Sunday Times Travel, Telegraph, Nat Geo UK and more, and he has written several books on music and travel, including the HG2 Berlin and the Rough Guide to Berlin. You can check out his photography galleries here.

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Peggy Schatz

Peggy Schatz is foodie and networker at heart as well as web developer by profession. Besides freelance work Peggy writes about food and Berlin at her blog and provides several food-related online services, such as Berlin Food Info.

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Rhea Boyden

Rhea Boyden is the Irish born daughter of American parents. She has been visiting Berlin since the early 90’s and has lived here permanently since 2000. She has taught Business English at many companies in Berlin including a particle accelerator and a chocolate factory. She has been published in the Irish Times Magazine ‘The Gloss’ and New York’s Roll Magazine. She gets a lot of ideas for her articles while swimming, a sport she loves. Her blog can be viewed here.

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Richard Carter

Richard Carter has been prodding around some of Berlin's more obscure corners for the last ten years. He runs the excellent Journey To Berlin blog, which features posts on well known landmarks as well as reports on places the guidebooks fear to tread.

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Susan Paterson

Susan Paterson is a New Zealand–born, Melbourne-grown freelance writer and editor based in Berlin. She works regularly with Lonely Planet, and Civilian, and is a published author of short stories and poetry. Read more of her work here and at Little Collisions

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Thalia Gigerenzer

Thalia Gigerenzer is a German-American writer, anthropologist and radio producer based in Berlin. She has contributed to the The New York Times, Modern Farmer, Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, India’s The Caravan and London's Resonance FM, among others, and recently published a book on memories of the GDR in East Germany. Having grown up in Berlin, she recently moved back to the city and is re-discovering its many delights, and even secretly enjoys the infamous Berliner Schnauze. She is also part of the collective Meet and Two Veg, which hosts spontaneous tea parties on the subway. You can find more of her work here

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Una Kelly

Una Kelly is from Derry, Ireland. After finishing a degree in Law and German, she decided she never wanted to be a lawyer anyway and made the sensible decision to move to Berlin. She has been here since the summer of 2013 and works as a translator and journalist.

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Wyndham Wallace

Wyndham Wallace has been travelling for fifteen years as part of his work with musicians, first as a publicist for City Slang Records, then as a manager for Lee Hazlewood and Cortney Tidwell. His work as a music and travel journalist and photographer has appeared in The Guardian, Uncut, BBC Music, Electronic Beats, The Quietus and More Intelligent Life, amongst others. He now lives in Berlin, Germany. Check out his website.

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Zoe Spawton

Zoe Spawton is a Berlin based documentary and food photographer, you can see her work here and on her award-winning blog What Ali Wore‘. Or follow her on Twitter

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