Barbaros Altug

Barbaros Altug has worked at several newspapers and monthly magazines as an editor and critic. He was a columnist at Taraf daily for two years.His first book of articles on popular culture, travels and art “Some Like It Black” was published in 2012, his first novel we’re fine here in 2014 in Turkish and it has been translated into German. He was awarded with a travel grant to Armenia in 2019 by Hrant Dink Foundation for his second novel, Scars on the Soul on Armenian Genocide, published in Germany by Orlanda Verlag in 2020. His third novel Auslander is focused on three best friends whose lives are changed after the 2016 coup d’etat in Turkey, and will be published in 2021.

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Rebecca Batley

Rebecca Batley is a historian and journalist who loves to research and tell hidden histories. She has worked for, amongst others the Museum of London and Wessex Archaeology. Her recent work can be found in New Scientist and Nile Magazine.

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Sanders Isaac Bernstein

Sanders Isaac Bernstein is an academic and writer in Berlin. His work has appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, London Magazine, Hypocrite Reader, and, among other places. From 2011-2014 he edited the literary magazine The Bad Version. You can follow him on Twitter here.

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Rhea Boyden

Rhea Boyden is the Irish born daughter of American parents. She has been visiting Berlin since the early 90’s and has lived here permanently since 2000. She has taught Business English at many companies in Berlin including a particle accelerator and a chocolate factory. She has been published in the Irish Times Magazine ‘The Gloss’ and New York’s Roll Magazine. She gets a lot of ideas for her articles while swimming, a sport she loves. Her blog can be viewed here.

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Janae Byrne

Janae is a modern languages student at the University of Oxford who came to Berlin for her year abroad in September 2020. Initially intending to stay for only 3 months, she fell in love with the city and extended her stay. Whilst studying German and Italian she has worked in translation and freelance writing in Berlin and remotely for The Italian Insider in Rome. Coming from a state-educated background in North West England, she is particularly passionate about educational equality and access to higher education for young people. She also has strong interests in Marxist and feminist criticism and sustainability and spends her free time writing her vegan food blog on Instagram. You can find her on Twitter here.

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Elliot Douglas

Elliot Douglas is a freelance multimedia journalist from Scotland, and now based in Berlin. He works mainly for German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle and has a particular interest in human rights, LGBT+ stories, politics, environmentalism as well as German and British literature, theatre and memory culture. You can find him on Twitter.

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Kieran Drake

Kieran is a geographer and diplomat with a longstanding interest in how the world around us shapes our cultures and identities. He has travelled extensively through Central and South Asia and previously lived in India for several years. He moved to Berlin with his family in August 2021 as British Deputy Ambassador to Germany. You can find him on twitter here.

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Eilzaveta Efimova

Elizaveta Efimova is a Russian writer, photographer and designer who fled Moscow driven by her goals, curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Her passion for art and design led her to London, where she studied jewellery design at CSM. In 2019 she ended up in Berlin, exploring fashion at Universität der Künste. You can find her website here and her Instagram profile here.

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Mixtape Menage Eiliyas

Eiliyas is a Macon born, Atlanta bred, Berlin-based artist working with music, sound design, creative writing and conceptual art. He also is host and curator of Mixtape Menage, a platform for becoming familiar with cultural facilitators of the world through sound. Check his Instagram here.

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Ole Ellekrog

Ole Ellekrog is a Danish journalist, currently living in Prague where he is finishing an MA in Journalism, Media and Globalisation. He's worked for several Danish outlets as well as o-called Live Journalism, i.e. journalism presented in a theatrical setting.

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Ian Farrell

Born and bred in the barren wastes of northern England, Ian Farrell moved to Berlin in search of a better life in 2008. What he found exceeded all his expectations, and continues ot do so to this day. When taking a break from his never-ending quest to discover more undiscovered corners of the city, he can be found either translating things or waxing lyrical on language and social interaction on his blog, Of Words and Worlds. He also plays guitar and occasionally sings in local Blues/Indie/Funk/Folk/Rock band Ivan and the Visionaries.

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Jemima Foxtrot

Jemima Foxtrot is a writer, performer and theatre maker from Yorkshire, currently living in Berlin. She has written and toured several interdisciplinary works for the stage to critical acclaim and her poetry has been widely published. She is a founding member and director of Kindreds Creatives, an organisation that runs creative workshops for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

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Thalia Gigerenzer

Thalia Gigerenzer is a German-American writer, anthropologist and radio producer based in Berlin. She has contributed to the The New York Times, Modern Farmer, Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, India’s The Caravan and London's Resonance FM, among others, and recently published a book on memories of the GDR in East Germany. Having grown up in Berlin, she recently moved back to the city and is re-discovering its many delights, and even secretly enjoys the infamous Berliner Schnauze. She is also part of the collective Meet and Two Veg, which hosts spontaneous tea parties on the subway. You can find more of her work here

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Molly Hannon

Molly is an American freelance writer and former Professor of 20th century Food literature and food writing at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Piedmont, Italy.

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Laura Harker

After studying German and Philosophy in the UK, Laura moved to Berlin in 2012. She has written about food, travel, politics and culture for Exberliner, Wherever Magazine, Disclaimer Magazine and the Urban Travel Blog.

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Miryam Harrat

Miryam is a French freelance journalist now based in Berlin-Pankow after living in several cities in Germany and Austria. She is passionate about photography, travel and Berlin, and sometimes blogs on Nuage Nomade and posts photographs to Instagram

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Natalie Holmes

Natalie Holmes lives and works in Berlin. She loves learning German, birdwatching and travelling by train, in between working as a freelance travel consultant and aspiring writer. A keen environmentalist, Natalie writes about sustainability and responsible travel.

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Andrei Kiselev

Andrei is a translator based in Moscow.

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Marcel Krueger

Marcel Krueger is a non-fiction writer and translator living in Ireland. As former Berlin resident he remains forever fascinated with the city and its layers of history. His often melancholic writing is always deeply rooted in arts, pop culture, and place, and he has published in the Guardian, the Irish Times, the Calvert Journal and CNN Travel. Together with Slow Travel Berlin founder Paul Sullivan he published "Berlin - A Literary Guide for Travellers”—more info about Marcel can be found on King of Pain.

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Leslie Kuo

Leslie Kuo is an artist, designer and translator. Raised in California, she has worked in Berlin since 2006, exploring food, plant life, and visual culture. She co-founded Urban Plant Research, a collaborative project observing plants in cities around the world. She also blogs about visual culture at .

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Jessica J Lee

Jessica J. Lee is an academic, writer, and cold-water swimmer. Before moving to Berlin in 2014, she divided her time between London and Toronto. She writes on environmental history, aesthetics, public space, and parks, and occasionally makes maps. But she'd probably rather be swimming.

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Frazer Macdonald

Frazer MacDonald is a film critic specialising in horror, but he also has an interest in animated film. He spent a year living in Germany, but goes back to Berlin once a year for Berlinale and to continue exploring the city.

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Marina Manoukian

Marina Manoukian is a reader, writer, and collage artist. Her writing has been published with yes poetry, grunge, and full stop review, among others. Born in Yerevan; grown in the northeast USA; currently sown in berlin. you can find more of her words and images at or on Twitter/Instagram at @crimeiscommon.

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Dunja Medakovic

Dunja Medakovic is a translator and writer based in Berlin. She reads books and hopes to someday write one.

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Lara Merrington

Lara Merrington is a freelance photographer and curator from Australia. She has exhibited her work in solo and group shows in Australia, Argentina and Berlin. For the last year she has based herself in Berlin after spending one year researching on curating, art and photography in South America. Apart from filling life with all things art and photography, writing and a passion for culinary culture nestle their way into the spaces in-between. You can see some of her other work at Art Elsewhere

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Christina Ng

Christina Ng is a freelance writer, journalist and translator originally from Singapore, but now based in Berlin. She writes about travel, arts and culture for publications in the US, UK, Germany and Singapore. Her poetry translations from Chinese to English have appeared in publications including CONTOUR (an anthology published by Singapore's Ethos Books, Commonwealth Writers' adda and Pathlight Magazine. You can find her work at , follow her on her adventures and read her musings on all things travel, arts and culture on Twitter

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Robin Oomkes

Robin Oomkes studied History at Leiden University in the Netherlands, and then lost himself in a corporate career for 15 years. He is now on a sabbatical leave in Berlin and reconnecting with his historian inner self. He loves slow travel, but is severely tempted by German fast food.

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John K. Peck

John is a Berlin-based writer, musician, and printer. His work has appeared in SAND Journal, Interzone, Salon, McSweeney's, Jubilat, Last Exit, and VOLT, as well as two McSweeney's anthologies. With his wife, he is co-owner of Volta Press, a letterpress print studio founded in California and now located in Berlin-Moabit. He is also the editor of Degraded Orbit, a website focused on modernist architecture and abandoned places.

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Giulia Pines

Giulia is a freelance writer and editor. She first moved from New York to Berlin in 2008, planning to stay for only a few months. Five and a half years later, it isn’t too difficult to guess what happened. When she isn’t writing, editing, and struggling with the Teutonic tongue, she accumulates new friends, stories, and recipes, all to be mixed into a heady brew packaged, labeled, and savored as “the life of an expat.” She hopes everyone will taste it at least once.

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Marian Ryan

Marian Ryan has worked as a book editor and is former fiction editor of Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Columbia, The Writer’s Chronicle, Quick Fiction, Slate and elsewhere. She lives in Prenzlauer Berg.

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Paul Scraton

Paul Scraton is the founder and editor of the Under a Grey Sky website, which is devoted to “adventures beyond the front door”. He has lived in Berlin for over ten years and runs Traces of a Border, exploring the stories and the places to be discovered along the Berlin Wall Trail.

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Jesse Simon

Jesse Simon is a writer, editor and lecturer based in Berlin; he is director of the Berlin Typography Project and its sister project Berlin_Texture

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Jennifer Sizeland

Jennifer Sizeland is a freelance writer and assistant producer with her own sustainability blog called Land of Size. She lives in Manchester and you can follow her on at Instagram

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Paul Sullivan

Paul Sullivan is a Berlin-based travel and culture writer and the founder/editor of Slow Travel Berlin. His words and images have appeared in The Guardian, BBC, Sunday Times Travel, The Telegraph, Nat Geo UK among others, and he has written books on music as well as travel guides—including several on Berlin for publishers such as HG2, Fodors, DK, Rough Guide National Geographic and Wallpaper.

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Anne Thomas

Anne Thomas is half-French and half-American but grew up in England. She studied German and Russian and has a Phd in comparative literature. She now works as a freelance journalist and translator in Berlin. She is also the coordinator of Gunter Demnig’s Stolpersteine project outside of Germany.

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Alexander Wells

Alexander Wells is a writer living in Berlin. His work has been published in History Today, Mekong Review and other publications including Exberliner, where he runs the Books page. You can find more of his writing at his website or read his tweets here .

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