Sunday 13 April

Festival: Cherry Blossom Festival

Nothing signals the arrival of spring more than the characteristic pink blossoms of the cherry tree and as winter draws to a close, these beautiful flowers are a welcome sight.

Although celebration of the cherry blossom is much more widespread in Japan and in the US, the Gärten der Welt hosts its very own festival dedicated to these flowers in Berlin. The Cherry Blossom Festival is more than an opportunity to simply admire the blossoms in all their glory; fans of spring can wander through the garden taking in the exotic music, dancing and theatre, and even sample some Asian culinary delights.

For more information on the unique story of how these beautiful trees came to be in Berlin, check out Joep de Visser’s article, detailing the interesting journey of the cherry blossom tree. Ilona Cerowska

Gärten der Welt; Eisenacher Straße 99, 12685 Berlin-Marzahn; T 030 70 09 06 699; U5: Cottbusser Platz; Tickets: €6