Mauerpark Karaoke: In Photos

Just about everyone, resident and visitor alike, enjoys the occasional Sunday visit to the buzzy Mauerpark flohmarkt. One of the highlights, aside from the strolling and browsing, is ex-pat Joe Hatchiban’s bearpit karaoke sessions, which he began in 2009 in the Mauerpark’s stone amphitheatre. Just recently, the local council attempted to restrict the event by allowing only twelve specific (pre-determined) dates per year and tripling the license fee. But public disappointment and outrage about the decision sparked has seemingly made the city renege their decision. To celebrate the continuation of this fine (and free) public tradition, Dieter Engler presents some of his favourite Bearpit Karaoke images… 


About The Photographer 

Dieter Engler is a freelance photographer based in Berlin since 2011. In spite of his German name, Dieter was born and raised in Uruguay before circumstances brought him to Sweden, where he has lived most of his adult life. An autodidact guided by his passion for story telling, Dieter turned away from a promising career as an electro engineer, and set out on a journey through music composition, animation and art, until one day, he picked up a camera…


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