STB’s Best Long-Read Articles of 2013

STB editor Paul Sullivan rounds up some of the best STB long-read articles from 2013…

In many ways, 2013 was STB’s best year yet; it was certainly our busiest. Not only did we put out a book about our beloved city (which has been flying off the shelves – thank you!), but we also quietly launched a sister site in Stockholm (run by the fabulous Lola Akinmade), added a few more tours and creative workshops to our small-but-considered portfolio, and technically and aesthetically overhauled our website (thanks to local coding whizz Harm Hopman).

Through it all – and only due to our hard-working and talented team of contributors – we also did our level best to continue publishing regular, high-quality content. Our commitment to exploring the city through writing and photography has always been as broad and deep as possible, and we still try to balance in-depth profiles of the city’s shops, restaurants, galleries, cafes and bars with deeper features on social issues, reportage photography, personal interviews and longer historical pieces.

It goes without saying that we are far from perfect. We’re a non-profit after all, and having literally no funds makes things very challenging at times to say the least. And obviously we can’t please all the people all of the time either. But nonetheless I’m always genuinely impressed when I look back at how many diverse and well-researched articles we do manage to put out.

Without further ado, here are a selection from 2013 that jumped out as I scrolled through the last twelve months. If you have any personal favourites, or if there are any future articles you’d like to see on Slow Travel Berlin, please leave a note in the comments. Otherwise, see you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in 2014 – and thanks for reading us…

Marcel Krüger talks to 85 year old Frau Petenati about her experiences during the Battle of Berlin


Anne Thomas explores the social politics of Berlin’s Hummus scene

Image by Lara Merrington
Image by Lara Merrington

Paul Scraton takes a wintry hike along the 66 Lake Trail


Jonah Raskin takes a broader look at the novels of celebrated German author Hans Fallada


John Pfeffer interviews Dirk Moldt about the early 90s squat scene in Friedrichshain


Paul Sullivan explores German flânerie during a walk along the Kantstrasse

Image by Konrad Lindenberg
Image by Konrad Lindenberg

Hania Hakel offers a Slow-style city guide to her native Krakow

Image by Hania Hakel
Image by Hania Hakel

Joep de Visser delves into the fascinating background of Berlin’s cherry-blossom trees


Jack Seemer talks to photographer Paul Hynes-Allen about his work with Berlin’s homeless community

Image by Paul Hynes Allen
Image by Paul Hynes Allen

Rhea Boyden profiles Kopenhagenerstr. – one of Prenzlauer Berg’s most time-resistant streets

Image by Alpha Smoot
Image by Alpha Smoot

Kirsten Hall reviews a trio of Renaissance paintings in the Gemäldegalerie


Neil Stewart on David Bowie’s groundbreaking Berlin albums


Ian Farrell delves into the history of Berlin’s 19th century market halls


Ian Hawkins uncovers the mystery of Tegel’s abandoned Boeing 727


A five-year old’s guide to Berlin’s parks


Marcel Krüger profiles Berlin’s hidden GDR watchtower memorial


Anne Thomas tucks into the city’s burgeoning vegan scene


Paul Sullivan & Paul Scraton in conversation about the legacy of the Berlin Wall


Brian Melican traces three centuries of writing about Berlin’s most famous boulevard


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