Summer in Berlin 2012 [Photo Gallery]

Bubbles by Wyndham Wallace

Peek-A-Boo by Sylee Gore

Engelbecken by Jeroen van Marle

Ciro Bar by Marta Berto

Unknown Location by Maren Winkler

Tempelhof by Theresa Manzanares

Treptower Park by Tam Eastley

Mauerweg by Paul Sullivan

Viktoria-Luise-Platz by Alan Breslaw

Viktoria Park by Lisa Tam

Weissensee by Tomi Metsäniemi

Sailing Paper Boats in Prenzlauer Berg by Kirstin Gernath

Siegessäule by Regis Shields

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Paul Sullivan is a Berlin-based writer & travel photographer and the founder/editor of Slow Travel Berlin. His words and images have appeared in…

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  1. great gallery!

    would be super to have links for the individual photographers.

  2. Paul Sullivan says:

    We tried to do that, but WordPress does’t allow links to be inserted into pics for some reason – and in many cases, the photographers had no personal links anyway.

  3. Contact me via FB if you have questions about my photos:


  4. ah, what a shame. seeing these images just made me curious for more.

  5. here is mine if you are interested.

  6. OK, i’ll try again. lol.

    here is mine if you are interested.

  7. You can find me on flickr!!

  8. Marta Berto says:

    Thanks for posting my pic, it made my day!! @Kristina: I have a blog, but I mostly write there, if you want to see more of my pictures of Berlin please contact me via facebook or my blog :o)

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