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Berlin's gallery scene consists of an estimated 400 galleries plus 100 project spaces and alternative places that pop up all over town. Trying to access it can be hard - how do you select a gallery or an opening to go to with that many choices available?

This rotating tour helps narrow down the options by exploring selected art hubs in different parts of the city, from the young and trendy spaces around Mitte and former East Berlin to the more established ateliers and galleries of City West. 

Each tour takes in around 4-6 art-related spaces - galleries as well as project spaces - that span a variety of mediums (painting, sculpture, installation), ensuring plenty of room for discussion and analysis along the way.

About the Tour Leader

Laureline van den Heuvel (1978) is a Dutch art historian and published writer. She works in the Jewish Museum Berlin as a guide and writes about the Berlin art scene on her blog. After visiting Berlin for the first time in 2000, she got hooked and finally decided to make the move in march 2014. Looking for galleries in Berlin feels, to her, like an Indiana Jones adventure, where surprises and treasures can be found around every corner. 


€20 per person for 2-2.5 hours. Private tours and groups can be arranged in advance and the tour is available in English and Dutch.

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  1. Gina says:

    Laureline gives a great tour. The galleries were ones I had never visited. The walks between allowed for a bit of art digestion and to discover a part of the city I knew very little about. The guide is eloquent, knowledgeable and has a wonderful knack for giving just the right amount of information.I would, and already have recommended this to anyone.

  2. Astrid says:

    Laureline gives the most knowledgeable tours in town. It is great fun, to explore this fascinating city and it’s art world. She really takes every participant on an adventure showing very surprising insights and fine treasures. Make sure not to miss a tour with Laureline!

  3. Liz Newman says:

    Laureline gives great tour. I had the pleasure of attending her tour in the Potsdamer Strasse neighborhood in early May, 2017. She has the gift of providing commentary to all levels of art experience. And, most impressively, of eliciting thoughtful discussion among the tour members. It was a wonderful and surprising experience.

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