Berlin’s Street Art Scene

Street art is uiquitous in Berlin. Some parts of the city can feel like an open-air gallery, with local street artists like El Bocho and Berlin Kids – as well as international artists like Banksy and lesser known sprayers – bringing blank walls, abandoned buildings and drab edifices alive with colourful pieces.

Beginning across the road from Ostbahnhof, this tour takes in the vibrant Yaam bar - both its previous and current sites - before crossing over the Spree into Kreuzberg to discover the district's squats, the Neu West Berlin collective (some of whose artists have worked on the Berlin Wall's pieces), and the area's multi-ethnic demographic.

Along the way, the guide - a street artist himself - will discuss the city's subculture of anti-corporate détournement, look at specific paintings and murals around Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, and explain the background of the city's main street artists as well as their techniques and materials.

About The Tour Leader

Ruben is a multimedia artist, graffiti writer and street artist who divides his work (and heart) between Berlin and Amsterdam. He develops his work as a street artist and tour guide in both cities. He calls himself a “no-country citizen” who believes one doesn’t necessarily have to be born somewhere just to call themselves a local.


€20 per person for 2-3 hours. Private tours and groups can be arranged in advance.

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  1. Ruben was extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. That tour was a wealth of information. The weather was against us at times, but we fought through. It was a very interesting tour overall, and is definitely worth it.

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