Creative Lighting & Portraits

This 3-4 hour workshop focuses on how to creatively light and create portraits using only basic equipment. A partial goal is to force participants out of their comfort zone and into areas and situations where they haven’t dared to go before, in order to de-dramatise lighting.

The first part will consist of a very short introduction of myself and my work before moving on to some examples of creative uses of light and equipment to make cool looking images. Inspirational images will come from the pop-cultural/fashion sphere in order to tie into my own photography.

Next we will look more deeply at what factors determine the “character” of the light, and how to best understand light and surfaces - and how they interact.

The main part of the workshop comes next: setting up lights. This will be hands-on and participants will get to take photos using the lighting set-ups discussed. The final section will look at post-production and workflow - how to finish off the images and achieve the right look.


The workshop takes place in a comfortable and modern studio space in central Berlin (Mitte). Specific details are supplied after booking.


€30 per person for 3-4 hours. Private sessions can be arranged in advance.

About The Workshop Leader

Per Zennström is a fashion photographer, film-maker, online publisher and public speaker who loves exploring the intersection of photography, fashion, pop-culture, new media, technology - and the spaces where they meet, mix and match with business.

Having worked with a range of prestigious clients from Dior to Leica, Per is generally drawn to the field of fashion photography, where he feels there is a constant hunger and need for innovation and search for new expressions. Pop-culture with all its facets also plays an important role in his universe, be it film, design, the "business" itself, new digital media, new technology and so on. Thriving on the ephemeral and fleeting aspects of this sometimes fickle environment, he tries to turn these "limitations" into opportunities.

"Edgy Elegant" is the look that Per Zennström aspires to - which means a dose of classic fashion photography with a twist. You can view more of his images on his website.

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  1. I feel honored that I had the chance to work with Per side by side creating a photoshoot out of nothing. He totally energized the group right into shooting photos and playing with light. Beside showing his personal 5 lighting set ups he answered any question with such understatement of his own person. This was an experience you usually cant buy with money because for Per it was 100% about teaching how light behaves and that the most important thing is to just shoot that photo 🙂 Highly recommended for everyone interested in fashion/portrait photography no matter what experience!

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