Writing The City: A West Berlin Literature Tour

Ever wanted to know where Kurt Tucholsky had his book bar and why Erich Kastner had to work as a script writer for the UFA under a pseudonym? 

This tour explores some of Berlin's most fascinating literary figures as well as the today lesser-known heritage of City West. We examine some of the key Weimar writers - intellectuals like Walter Benjamin and Franz Hessel, novelists and journalists such as Tucholsky, Joseph Roth and Vicky Baum - as well as the places they congregated. 

Along the way we will and explore some of the key places associated with the post-war literary scene such as the Kantstrasse and Zoo Station, and read excerpts from some key works, introduce some lesser-known literary figures such as Jörg Fauser and Gert Ledig.

About the Tour Leaders

Marcel Krueger is a writer living in Berlin and Dublin. His essays and stories have been published in the Daily Telegraph, Süddeutsche Zeitung and CNN Travel. Together with Seamus Heaney, Roddy Doyle and other Irish writers Marcel holds the world record for ‘Most Authors Reading Consecutively From Their Own Books'.

Paul Sullivan is a writer, photographer and the founder of Slow Travel Berlin. He has written several guidebooks about Berlin - including the Rough Guide to Berlin and National Geographic's Walking Berlin - and abundant articles for The Guardian, The Sunday Times, National Geographic UK and more. He also runs STB's Prenzlauer Berg tour and Improve Your Photography workshop.

Note: Marcel and Paul are currently working on a literary guide to Berlin, to be published by I.B.Tauris in 2016.


€20 per person for 2 hours. Private tours and groups can be arranged in advance.

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  1. Ciarán says:

    Very enjoyable and interesting tour, offers an window into Berlin life in times gone, while also adding to list of reading material! Marcel’s enthusiasm is contagious. Highly recommended.

  2. Matt says:

    If you have lived in Berlin for some time, go on this tour to discover the former lives of buildings that you´ve likely walked past hundreds of times without noticing. Paul´s enthusiasm and knowledge are such that he can turn a McDonalds into a bustling, drug-powered literally salon.

    If you´re new to the city, or just visiting, go on this tour to get a creative perspective on the place. At just a couple of hours long it might be possible to do both the tour and one of the open top bus rides. But if you´re pushed for time, perhaps just do the tour.

  3. Vijay says:

    Both Paul and Marcel are well-read, well-researched and engaging. The tour is very relaxed and because of the small group sizes becomes a genuine conversation between guide and guided. This one is a good way of getting an introduction to some lesser-known writers who shaped the city’s identity, as well as putting a Kiez and an anecdote or two to some of the Big Berlin Names.

  4. Alex Grigorescu says:

    I had a great tour with Marcel in March (yes, I was very slow with the review 🙂 ) and I definitely recommend the literary tour of West Berlin with all the interesting stories. I really appreciated the reading list Marcel sent after the tour. Thanks, next time I’m in Berlin I’ll book tours with you again!

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