A Snowy Weekend In Berlin

Paul Sullivan enjoys a snowy weekend in Berlin by jumping randomly on and off the S Bahn with his camera… 

A snow-topped Planetarium in Prenzlauer Berg’s Ernst-Thailmann Park.
The distinctive tower at Ostkreuz was used to store water for the many steam trains that used to pass through the station.
A view across the S Bahn tracks to the Rummelsburger See.
An obligatory abandoned building.
A view of the Rummelsburger See with the Jugendschiff Freibeuter on the left and the Heizkraftwerk Klingenberg chimneys in the background.
A walker enjoying a dog-led derive.
Winter light illuminates walkers as they stroll through an abandoned factory
One of the rare times there’s no queue outside Villa Renate – i.e. when it’s closed.
An icy Spree as seen from the promenade that runs parallel to Stralauerstrasse.
This promenade, specifically.
A lovely sunset reflected in the water and ice.
Ducks hanging out on the river Panke in the Park of Schönhausen Palace (Pankow).
Feeding the hungry ducks at the Schlosspark in Pankow.
Winter sunshine turns the river Panke golden as it trickles past Pankow’s Schönhausen Palace.
Another obligatory abandoned building.
Snow starts to fall outside the appropriately named Schönwetter eating area at the Mauerpark Flohmarkt.
Punters gather around a fire as the snow falls at Mauerpark Flohmarkt.
The wet weather doesn’t deter Berlin’s hard core bargain hunters.
A child stands behind a tree to hide from his snowball-wielding family in the Mauerpark.
Kids take advantage of the Mauerpark’s slopes to repeatedly sledge into a discarded Christmas tree – with hilarious results.
In Berlin, one can even enjoy a romantic stroll through the mud and snow of a former death strip, providing one has the correct attitude / umbrella.
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