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In 2014, to mark the 25th anniversary of the Mauerfall, Slow Travel Berlin editor/founder Paul Sullivan decided to walk the entire 155km length of the Mauerweg (Berlin Wall Trail)…Read more


The Berlin Wall Trail is a 155km walk of history and remembrance which, as well as taking in key points across the city, also leads into its less well known areas…Read more

Two expats who walked the Mauerweg – the 160-kilometre trail that runs the length of the former Berlin Wall – have written a book about forgotten aspects of its past and present…Read more


A must have for every history lover…Read more


“The move here was fundamental in opening up a whole new way of living in and exploring cities for me” says Paul Sullivan, English writer and photographer, about starting his blog, Slow Travel Berlin. Read more


Travel tips: cool Berlin, Viking fun and where to stay in Montenegro. The insider guide to Berlin and Scandinavian events closer to home. Read more


Experts from the Slow Travel Berlin blog run regular themed walks at €15pp, including one on GDR architecture and a Wall walk.

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Slow travel Berlin: Reise langsam! (German)

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I found myself positively surprised when discovering that there is even a local chapter of slow travel in one of the hippest European capitals, Berlin. Or maybe I should not be surprised at all, because if there’s one city in Europe that has it all, it must be Berlin. I passed some questions about Slow Travel Berlin to main man and initiator Paul Sullivan, British writer and photographer living in Berlin. Read more

Contributing editor Paul Sullivan, also a faculty member in MatadorU’s travel photography program, may have more going on than most. One of his latest projects is Slow Travel Berlin. Read more

 Berlin is a vibrant city full of art, history, and fantastic people doing interesting things. We speak with Paul Sullivan from Slow Travel Berlin and try to get to grips with the best clubs, best restaurants and most interesting things to do in the city. Read more

We love this organization, which seeks to promote a slower, more sustainable—and, therefore, deeper—approach to visiting Berlin. Not only does it gybe well with our own mission, we think it makes great sense in a city like Berlin, which far too many visitor breeze through too quickly. Read more

שני תיירים, מדריכי טיולים בהכשרתם,  שהלכו את ה-Mauerweg – מסלול של 160 ק”מ לאורכה של חומת ברלין לשעבר – כתבו ספר על היבטים נשכחים מן העבר וההווה שלה. דרך מפגשים …אקראיים עם אנשים תוך כדי הצעידה הארוכה שלהם, פול סאליבן גילה כיצד ברלינאים מן השורה חוו את החיים אל מול החומה – ואיך דברים השתנו מאז שנהרסה.Read more

 Purpose Of Visit

Interview: Paul Sullivan of on idiosyncratic travel, roll of the dice transport and eccentric ramblings. Read more

 The New Music Office

Berlin can seem like an overwhelming, sprawling place to visit sometimes. That’s why anyone spending time in the city needs to follow the guys at Slow Travel Berlin to get the very best info regarding off-the-beaten-track hangouts and activities. Read more

Gran Turismo

If Grantourismo was focused on one place instead of many, it might be something like Slow Travel Berlin, a wonderful blog that speaks to our slow travel souls. We meet travel writer, guidebook author, and Slow Travel Berlin founding editor Paul Sullivan at Café Wohnzimmer where we chat about Slow Travel Berlin, slow travelling, and Berlin, over a few gluhweins. Read more

Under a Grey Sky

As regular readers of Under a Grey Sky will know, I am closely involved with the Slow Travel Berlin project…not only one of the best English-language resources about the city for travellers and Berliners alike, but also offers a wide selection of tours and workshops to help people engage directly with the city…Read more

Young Germany

Slow Travel Berlin is a website that offers readers tips for savoring their time in the German capital—whether they are passing through or settling down long-term. The Slow Travel Berlin team, run by British Photographer and Author Paul Sullivan, consists of listings editor Ilona Cerowska and assistant editor Laura Harker alongside a rotating cast of anywhere between 20 and 30 casual contributors. Read more